It was already into developing Arihant

Almost a decade ago, India decided to complete the nuclear triad. It was already into developing Arihant, an SSBN (ballistic missile submarine) which will fire nuclear tipped ballistic missiles. To protect the slow moving SSBN, like other nuclear powers India also needed SSNs (nuclear powered attack submarines), and India turned to Russia to lease SSNs, and concluded the lease for INS Chakra in 2005.

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pandora jewellery Firstly, what effect has the HVBP program had on patient mortality for the targeted conditions, three years after implementation, compared with hospitals ineligible for the program? Secondly, did effects on trends in mortality for targeted conditions differ from those of a comparable group of non targeted conditions? And finally, given prior evidence that certain types of hospitals may generally have a greater incentive to improve quality in pay for performance schemes,18 19 were improvements in mortality particularly noticeable in a subset of hospitals (eg, those that were poor performers at baseline)?MethodsDataUsing the 100% Medicare inpatient claims data from 2008 through 2013, we examined all hospital stays for Medicare fee for service beneficiaries who were admitted with any of the three conditions targeted by HVBP: acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, and pneumonia. In the HVBP program these conditions are directly incentivized. They were identified using diagnosis related group and ICD 9 codes (international classification of diseases, ninth revision) based on the CMS methodology pandora jewellery.

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